The people and stories behind the major challenges affecting the region.

The Urbanism Summit is the premier event on creating thriving cities in New England. The Summit convenes urbanists of all backgrounds for two days of regionally-focused idea-sharing, storytelling and collaboration.


Urbanism Summit 2017                                 Bringing New Urbanism to Scale: New England

Friday, March 31, 2017 | District Hall, Boston, MA 

The Urbanism Summit features the best of what is happening to create thriving places in New England. The conference brings together urbanists of all backgrounds for a full day of regionally-focused idea-sharing, storytelling and collaboration.

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Past Summits

2016 | Providence, R.I. | Getting It Built: Connecting Ingenuity to Opportunity

Our focus this year was on getting stuff done — especially small projects. In the time it takes a big project to attract the right investors and win the needed approvals, a small project can get built and can start to work its magic, bringing new life to its neighborhood. And when the private and public sectors work together to provide leadership and direction, the pace of reinvestment and revitalization can be accelerated even more.


2014 | Somerville, Mass. | A Toolkit for Vibrant Neighborhoods

This summit worked to build more resilient, livable neighborhoods in the context of New England. By engaging participants through civic engagement, shaping the physical neighborhood and changing how we plan and build, the summit ..


2011 | New Haven, Conn. | Addressing Climate Change in New England

The Sustainable Urbanism Summit aims to inspire and connect professionals, public servants, academics and citizens, who together will seed a larger campaign. New England has the physical framework to become a model for sustainable urbanism at every scale. Healthy and complete town centers are one of the most comprehensive solutions to climate change. Building on this assumption, Summit speakers will address the critical challenges facing our towns.