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(UN)Built Providence 


(Un)Built Providence Exhibition takes a look at Providence in the making. Original plans, drawings, models, historical accounts, personal stories, and interactive installations will reveal familiar and hidden stories of the city’s development over the past 40 years. Commentary accompanying the exhibition will be led by those who have studied this history and those who have lived it.



December 2018 - January 2019


More than technical analysis of plan diagrams, (Un)Built Providence examines the lived experience of built proposals, and the imagined experience of unbuilt ones across the city. It explores the gap between what was planned and what was built, acknowledging that the city as initially imagined came only partially into creation. While it may be impossible to see the Providence that might have been, exhibition visitors will explore the alternative paths Providence might have traveled, and contemplate with new, informed understanding the evolving urban profile to help guide and sustain the City’s future.