A day of envisioning the places that could be, and planning to get them built.

Our Imagine+Build technical assistance panels bring communities together with our experts in urban design and planning to translate ideas into plans for creating great places — at discounted costs.


Here's how it works

CNU New England's network of professionals, government workers, and citizens passionate about New England's places want to help local communities achieve their goals.


A problem space

An idea

A community need



Applicable case studies and research 

Best practices

Design skills to make compelling visuals

Expert advice



Apply for funding

Apply for approval

Promote your plan

We're partnering with PatroniCity's Commonwealth Places program to provide a clear path to funding and executing your plan.

For $5,000 we can provide a full-day workshop focused on translating your problems, needs, or ideas into a workable and promotable plan for creating a great place in your community.

Interested in HOSTING A WORKSHOP? Let us know.

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