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Ken Livingston | Board Member

Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. (FHI)


Ken Livingston is an urban planner focusing on providing mobility options to create more livable communities.  He is a Principal at Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. (FHI) a planning and design firm.  He has worked on projects throughout the Northeast with a focus on bicycle and pedestrian planning.  Ken’s recent projects include Connecticut’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and the Norwalk (CT) Pedestrian and Bikeway Plan.  Additionally, Ken brings a strong understanding of community connectivity planning including pedestrian wayfinding, analysis of parking demand, zoning regulations for parking and form-based code zoning.

Ken has also served as Treasurer to Bike Walk Connecticut and serves on the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee for the Town of West Hartford, CT.  He is an avid runner and bicyclist and recently completed his first 50-mile trail ultramarathon.