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Bevan Weissman

Co-Founder, New American Public Art

Topic: Data Collections and Conclusions in Public Art

Data is a cultural commodity which is annually increasing in value. Public art offers the chance to explore the nefarious and the virtuous aspects of data in a social setting. In this presentation we will discuss data collection through public art projects - the purpose, the challenges, the methods, and the conclusions.


Bevan Weissman has spent a decade practicing engineering & art and finding entertaining ways of merging the two. He has taught teenagers how to weld, adults how to program CNC machines, and robots how to behave. Currently he is building a set of giant interactive owls with his collaborators at New American Public Art.

New American Public Art is a design-and-build firm at the intersection of public art, architecture, and technology. We develop responsive and interactive installations that investigate the nature of social space in public, private and online.